GeocachinGo: The Future of Geocaching | Last updated, November 2023

Picture a world where your everyday exploration isn't just fun but contributes to a better planet. That's the thrilling reality GeocachinGo brings to life! GeocachinGo is a groundbreaking augmented reality scavenger hunt app, seamlessly blending Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements while actively engaging in noise pollution mapping and carbon offsetting initiatives.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless pastime of treasure hunting, GeocachinGo empowers players to immerse themselves in the great outdoors and embark on captivating quests to discover both virtual and physical treasures, known as geocaches. Beyond the excitement of the hunt, players have the chance to earn in-game rewards, including GHUNT and GTRADE tokens, not only for their treasure finds but also for their contributions to noise mapping and carbon offsetting initiatives.

At its core, GeocachinGo is about promoting a healthier lifestyle, fighting climate change, and ushering in the era of Web 3.0 connectivity. Through our innovative Game-Fi model, we're not just a game; we're a positive force for change. As players journey through our world, they become champions of a sustainable future.

Central to our game is GHUNT (GeoHunt), a sustainable utility token that powers the GeocachinGo experience. GHUNT is the key to unlocking various in-game activities, designed with deflation in mind, as many of these activities involve token burns, reducing the token supply.

GeocachinGo also introduces a novel way to monetize your outdoor experiences. Armed with unique wishbone NFTs, players explore the real world using our interactive map to seek out geocaches. These geocaches hold valuable items, which can be claimed and later traded within our upcoming in-game NFT marketplace. Virtually all in-game assets, including wishbones, runes, and enchantments, can be minted as NFTs and resold, heralding a new era of digital collectibles and transactions.

GeocachinGo isn't just a game; it's a journey of exploration, sustainability, and connection. Join us in this extraordinary adventure, where discovery takes on purpose, and every step you take becomes a step toward a brighter future.

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