🎯 Game Modes

Solo Mode

Players use Compasses to explore zones determined by their location, and upon acquiring an NFT Wishbone, Compasses replenish automatically. Selecting a Wishbone, they embark on an AR-driven exploration mission, with the Wishbone guiding them through sounds that intensify as they approach treasures. Upon finding a treasure, a puzzle or riddle must be solved for rewards. An exciting addition is dynamic weather and time cycles, mirroring real-world conditions, which can affect the availability of treasures and add depth to the experience, making it a more engaging and realistic treasure hunt.

Family Mode

Family Mode in our treasure-hunting adventure game retains the captivating exploration concept of Solo Mode, utilizing Compasses to discover treasures within AR-based maps. The distinctive feature is the inclusion of parental control accounts linked to children's accounts, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for family collaboration. Parents or guardians have oversight of their children's activities, from managing interactions and purchases to providing a safe gaming experience. The treasure-hunting adventure becomes a shared journey, with families uniting in exploration, puzzle-solving, and the joy of finding treasures, fostering family bonds and memorable moments through digital quests.

Clan Mode

Clan Formation and Management:

  1. Creation of Clans:

    • Users can establish their own clans or join existing ones.

    • Creating a clan may require a specific number of Compasses or an in-game currency fee.

  2. Clan Leadership:

    • The creator of a clan becomes the Clan Leader, with the authority to appoint officers, manage clan resources, and establish clan rules.

  3. Recruitment:

    • Clan Leaders and officers can invite other users to join their clan.

    • Users can accept or decline these invitations.

    • A clan discovery feature allows users to search for clans based on criteria such as size, activity level, or geographical region.

Clan Activities:

  1. Clan Expeditions:

    • Clans can organize group expeditions to explore specific areas.

    • Collective efforts unlock more treasures and rare rewards.

    • A special compass type is introduced for clan expeditions.

  2. Clan Challenges:

    • Clans can issue challenges to other clans, including racing to find specific treasures, solving puzzles, or competing in various AR-based activities.

  3. Clan Territories:

    • Clans can claim territories on the map as their own.

    • Territories yield periodic rewards based on the number of clan members exploring within them.

Clan Communication and Social Features:

  1. Clan Chat:

    • A dedicated chat channel is provided for clan members to communicate, strategize, and socialize.

  2. Clan Ranks and Achievements:

    • Active clan members earn ranks, badges, and achievements as recognition for their contributions to clan activities.

  3. Clan Customization:

    • Clans can customize their name, emblem, and AR exploration tools to differentiate themselves.

PvP Mode Integration:

  1. Clan vs. Clan PvP:

    • PvP battles are integrated between clans.

    • Competitions involve treasure hunting, AR-based combat, or puzzle-solving challenges.

    • Winning clans earn rewards and prestige.

  2. Tournaments:

    • Regular clan tournaments are hosted where they compete for unique in-game items.

    • Top-performing clans earn spots on leaderboards.

  3. Alliance System:

    • Clans can form alliances for mutual support in larger PvP battles or cooperative treasure hunts.

  4. Seasonal Events:

    • Special events with unique themes or rule sets keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, offering opportunities for clans to shine.

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