📠Tokenomics & Vesting


Value Capture:

The primary value of both GHUNT and GTRADE tokens within the GeocachinGo ecosystem is inherently tied to the user base and their in-game interactions. The ecosystem's true worth reflects the collective experiences of our users. GHUNT serves as an essential token for unlocking key in-game features and participating in the DAO for community-driven decisions on future gameplay developments and updates. As adoption increases, the demand for GHUNT naturally rises.

In a similar vein, user interactions within the game significantly influence the in-game currency, GTRADE. The more users engage with the game, the more GTRADE is minted on one hand, while simultaneously being burned on the other. The ecosystem generates additional value through transaction fees, which contribute to the overall revenue of the GeocachinGo ecosystem.


GHUNT tokens have a dual role in the GeocachinGo ecosystem, serving as a governance token. By holding or staking a minimum number of GHUNT tokens, users gain eligibility for voting rights within the community. This mechanism ensures that users have a stake in the decision-making process while also addressing concerns related to the limited supply of GHUNT tokens.

To unlock specific features, users can opt for a minimum staking/holding requirement, rather than expending large amounts of GHUNT tokens. This approach promotes inclusivity and fair access for all users, even as the user base expands over time.

To provide a complete picture of our value capture and governance mechanisms, please refer to the detailed vesting schedule and governance tokenomics in the accompanying sheet.

Tokenomics Policy

$GHUNT, with a capped supply of 6 billion tokens, ensures value appreciation through controlled issuance and innovative deflationary measures. We've integrated advanced burning mechanisms, including transaction burns, community burns, and seasonal burns, along with sub-mechanisms like treasure hunt burns and collaborative burns, to encourage engagement while systematically reducing the token supply. Lock-staking requirements will further enhance the ecosystem by granting access to key features and voting rights.

On the other hand, $GTRADE features an uncapped supply, allowing it to adapt to user adoption and market dynamics. We've introduced a unique blend of in-game fees and controlled burning activities to maintain a balanced token supply, coupled with token minting based on user activity. This approach offers adaptability and sustainability, aligning with the evolving needs of the $GTRADE ecosystem and promoting a robust in-game economy.

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