The magical wishbone is an ancient bone that remembers the location of many forgotten things

🪄 Wishbone Traits

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    Accuracy: the higher accuracy is, the more accurate the wishbone beeping leads to a Accuracy: This attribute directly influences the precision of your Wishbone's treasure-finding capabilities. The higher your Accuracy trait, the more accurate your Wishbone's beeping signals, leading you to treasures with pinpoint precision.
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    Durability: Durability represents the physical condition of your Wishbone. Upgrading this trait extends its operational lifespan. However, a higher Durability level corresponds to increased repair costs, balancing the gameplay economy.
Durability < 95%: When the Durability drops below 95%, it temporarily affects the Accuracy, reducing it to 75%. Wishbones with Durability below 10% cannot be used.
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    Luck: Luck plays a vital role in determining both the frequency and the quality of the treasures and items you discover during your geocaching adventures. A higher Luck attribute increases your chances of finding rare and valuable items.
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    Range: The Range attribute sets the detection radius of your Wishbone's beeping signals. A higher Range means the Wishbone starts beeping from a greater distance, making it easier for you to find treasures.

🔨 Upgrading Wishbone

Players can enhance their Wishbones by upgrading them, which involves the strategic use of GTRADE and GHUNT tokens. As Wishbones reach specific levels, the cost and time required for upgrading increase, reflecting their advanced abilities and rarity.
The upgrading process not only raises the Wishbone's traits but also unlocks special abilities known as "Perks" or "Runes."

🔮 Runes and Enchantments

Runes are mystical artifacts that players can unlock at different levels of the game. These Runes can be strategically placed within specially designated slots on the Wishbone. Runes enhance or modify the Wishbone's existing traits, providing a wide range of benefits. The specific types of Runes and their effects are yet to be revealed (TBA), but they will offer players additional strategic choices and opportunities for customizing their Wishbones.
Enchantments, on the other hand, are special enhancements that players can apply to their Wishbones. Enchantments may modify or add to the existing traits, providing unique abilities and bonuses. By equipping the right Runes and Enchantments, players can tailor their Wishbone to their preferred playstyle and increase their effectiveness during geocaching adventures.