📖Burning Mechanisms

Our innovative approach involves a variety of smart strategies to create a unique and unprecedented deflationary system in the game. From merging NFTs to unlocking unique variants and token auctions

GHUNT Burning Mechanisms:

  1. Burn GHUNT to Reach Certain Levels.

  2. Burn GHUNT to Upgrade Runes & Enchantments Levels.

  3. Burn GHUNT to Mint the 4/4 Wishbone Traits.

  4. Burn GHUNT to Rearrange Traits Levels.

  5. Leaderboard Entry.

  6. Limited-Time Buffs.

  7. Global Events.

GTRADE Burning Mechanisms:

  1. Wishbone-Minting.

  2. Repair and Restore NFTs.

  3. Leveling Up Wishbones.

  4. Runes Upgrade.

  5. NFT Customization.

  6. NFT Marketplace Fees.

  7. PvP Duels.

  8. Stormy Token Burns.

NFT Burning Mechanism (Still TBD)

  1. Enhancement Rituals: Burn duplicate Wishbones to enhance existing ones.

  2. Transmutation: Burn sets of Wishbones to create unique variants.

  3. Sacrificial Offering: Burn Wishbones to unlock secret events.

  4. Temporary Superpowers: Burn Wishbones for temporary abilities.

  5. Ancient Forging: Burn sets to craft powerful relics.

  6. Wishbone Auctions: Auction Wishbones, requiring a token burn to participate.

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